FAQs Criminal records checks

What is the difference between the various types of criminal record check available in the UK?

The largest difference is whether or not spent convictions are disclosed. After that, the differences lie in which databases and lists are checked as part of the disclosure.

Can you process each level of check?

Yes, we can provide Basic, Standard and Enhanced disclosures, plus access to the barred list services. All are processed electronically resulting in a timely and accurate submission.

Who is legally allowed to request a criminal record check?

A basic disclosure is available to all employers (subject to them following certain procedures). Standard and Enhanced disclosures are restricted in their use. Please call us for tailored guidance on this subject.

We require our new hires to pay the direct cost of obtaining a UK criminal record check. Can you facilitate this for us?

No problem, we can facilitate this; we already do this for a number of employers.