FAQs by applicants

Why has my passport copy been rejected?

Procius are unable to process the checks unless we are in receipt of a clear and legible copy of your passport or the document provided may be incorrect. Our MyCheck system attempts to manage and reduce this issue through innovative recognition software that will inform you if the passport appears to be incorrect and will request a re-attempt before submission.

What happens if I am unable to provide proof of address?

If you are unable to provide this information, Procius will work with you to identify alternative and compliant documentation.

Why am I being asked to provide my mother’s maiden name?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) require details of an individual’s mother’s maiden name in order to process a records check.

What do the financial checks involve and will they affect my credit score?

Financial checks will be run against publicly available records, for example, court records and bankruptcy filings and orders. These checks do not involve looking at an individual’s credit score. They leave a “soft footprint” on an individual’s credit record which has no effect on the credit score.

What is the best way to get documents to you?

The best way to submit proof-of-identity or proof-of-address documents to us is by uploading them directly into your MyCheck account while completing your profile.

How can I update the information in my profile?

Once you have completed your online profile and we have commenced your background checks, you are not able to edit information contained within your profile. If you made an error in your profile or your circumstances change, please email our helpdesk or telephone a member of our screening team for assistance

Why are my references showing as pending?

“Pending” means we are currently in the process of completing a check or awaiting information from the relevant referee.

Why might Procius contact me?

Sometimes we will need your help with additional information or documentation to enable us to complete your screening quickly and efficiently. Whatever the reason for contacting you, we will always provide details of what we need and how you can help. The sooner you can provide us the information requested the quicker we can process your check.

How do I know you have received my email?

Any email you send to our helpdesk email address will always be answered initially by an automated message acknowledging receipt of your email. You can then be sure that your email will be answered by one of our helpdesk staff at the earliest opportunity.

I have just received an automated email from Procius – What do I need to do next?

If the email specifically asks you to provide certain information or make contact with our office, please act on this request swiftly. The screening process can be complex and will may need your intervention to complete the checks in a timely manner. On occasions we will send you an email to update you on the status of your checks – simply read the email to understand how your checks are progressing.

How do I unlock my account?

It is possible to be locked out of your account; normally this is due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts. If this has happened it’s not a problem, simply call our help centre, they will identify you and unlock your account.

How can we see the progress and the status of reference requests?

We pride ourselves on having the most accessible, open, and user friendly platform in the market. The status of each reference is live on the screen, and you can even read our comprehensive tracking notes to see the entire case history. As an enhancement to the candidate experience, we also provide stage by stage updates to them via text message or email which is unique to Procius within the vetting market.