Aviation Background Checks and Screening Service

Since 2003, the aviation industry has been subject to the most rigorous types of background checks outside the government or defence sectors. The continued threat of international terrorism has led to the development of highly complex vetting criteria which all employers across Europe must follow, with national authorities taking a very close interest in issues of compliance or non-compliance.

Why is aviation checking more complicated?

  • The barrier is set deliberately high, to minimise risk
  • The rules are subject to frequent change
  • Documents become non-admissible for minor reasons
  • High dependency on original hard-copy documents
  • The DfT and airport authorities allow no room for error

The benefits of using Procius

  • We have been working in this sector since 2003
  • Expertise and technology specifically geared around aviation
  • We’re able to handle large volumes whilst maintaining a speed and quality
  • Unique ability to background check for future courses
  • Responsive customer service – for you and for your applicants

How to get started

  • Contact us to set-up your MyCheck™ account
  • Order and configure your services online
  • Invite your applicants to register on MyCheck™
  • Use MyCheck™ to monitor the progress of your applicants
  • Receive or download your dossiers, as soon as they are complete