BS7858 Security Checks and Screening Service

BS7858 is primarily orientated towards the security industry, regulated by the SIA and endorsed by a number of trade associations. As a screening standard, it does lend itself for adoption by non-regulated employers who are seeking a robust benchmark against which to screen.

What’s included

  • Reference checks covering a period of 5 years
  • All gaps in employment greater than 31 days or more
  • Criminal record check (Basic Disclosure or Overseas CRC)
  • Identity, address history and financial probity (Credit Check)
  • All in strict adherence to the latest BS7858 standard

Who it’s for

BS7858 is primarily orientated towards the Security Industry, regulated by the SIA and endorsed by a number of trade associations. As a screening standard, it does lend itself for adoption by non-regulated employers who are seeking a robust benchmark against which to screen.


  • Comply with SIA vetting requirements
  • Validate employee identity
  • Identify CCJs, bankrupcies and unspent convictions
  • Protect brand identity

What you can expect from us

  • Detailed expertise in the field of BS7858 screening
  • IT systems which make light work of the heavy regulations
  • Rapid, measurable, accountable service
  • Proactive customer-service and account management
  • All dossiers covered by our compliance guarantee