Pre employment checks

Whether you’re exploring pre-employment background checking for the first time, or you’ve become disillusioned with your current provider, we’re here to help you make safe, informed hiring decisions every time, through our suite of best practice checks, which can be tailored to any sector.

Why check?

  • Avoid costly and regrettable hiring mistakes
  • Reduce recruitment, training and employment costs
  • Avoid brand damage caused by employee notoriety
  • Protect your employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Achieve best practice and maintain compliance

The benefits of using Procius

  • We’re a business with longevity and true pedigree in screening
  • We’re able to handle large volumes whilst maintaining speed and quality
  • Our MyCheck™ platform makes the service easy to integrate
  • You’ll find us to be a responsive and responsible partner

How to get started

  • Contact us to set-up your MyCheck™ account
  • Order and configure your services online
  • Invite your applicants to register on MyCheck™
  • Use MyCheck™ to monitor the progress of your applicants
  • Receive or download your dossiers, as soon as they are complete