FAQs by clients

What do we need to provide before Procius can start our employee checks?

Once your MyCheck account is set up; you simply need to enter each applicants email address and start date (if applicable) and we do the rest.

How do I decide on what type of criminal record check I need?

At Procius, we have a dedicated team of specialist advisors who can provide expert guidance on what type of check is appropriate and compliant.

What level of referencing should we undertake for new hires if we are not regulated to do so?

This is a balance of risk mitigation versus running a smooth recruitment process. The barrier should be set at a sensible height and always proportionate to the role for which you’re recruiting. As part of the initial client engagement process we would work with you to establish the appropriate level of referencing needed.

How can we see the progress and the status of reference requests?

We pride ourselves on having the most accessible, open, and user friendly platform in the market. The status of each reference is live on the screen, and you can even read our comprehensive tracking notes to see the entire case history. As an enhancement to the candidate experience, we also provide stage by stage updates to them via text message or email which is unique to Procius within the vetting market.

Can you manage seasonality and surge requirements for screening?

As a business we have the ability to flex our resources due to having an agile workforce. Many of our customers have high seasonality requirements which we are able to absorb and manage through our tenure and experience within the vetting industry. Through our detailed implementation process and close ongoing client engagement we develop a strong understanding of your business requirements.

Can you provide different types of checks for staff in different roles and locations?

We can accommodate any specific requirements you have through our Mycheck system, whether this be by role type or geographic location.

Can you provide individual services or do we have to outsource all checks to Procius?

Most of our clients trust us to perform all of their background checks however; our services can be deployed individually or bundled together to form a fully outsourced screening pack.