FAQs Aviation checks

If required, can we split the cost of these checks with the applicant? If so, can you collect the applicant contribution?

No problem, we can facilitate this; we already do this for a number of employers.

How much does an airside pass background check cost?

It will depend on whether you require CRC, OCRC and/or GSAT in addition to referencing; for a solution tailored to your individuals needs please contact one of our business solutions experts, who will be happy to advise.

How long does the background checking process take?

The average time is between 21-28 days. Where we are delivering a timed service (to an individuals start date in the future) the turnaround time becomes irrelevant and the timely dispatch before start date is more critical.

Once the checks are complete how are they sent to our signatories and what is contained?

In most cases, you’ll need the dossier in hard copy. So we’ll post or courier all of the checks to you once quality checked together with a pre-populated pass application form or summary sheet, as appropriate.

How does Procius prevent checks becoming invalid after time, hence avoiding ID centres rejections?

We carefully sync the request of all time-limited documents including UK and Overseas CRCs as well as the most recent reference This ensures that there is sufficient validity on each check at the point of dossier completion.

Are the checks that you conduct approved by the relevant airport authority?

We work very closely with each airport authority to fully understand their ID standards which ensures every completed dossier meets their requirements. As a result our rejection rate at ID units is the lowest in the industry. (The ID units themselves tell us so.)

How many staff can be checked at one time?

Procius has a proven track-record in comfortably handling the entire throughput of the largest airport employers. Not many background-checking companies can make this claim! So we can cater for all numbers of staff.

Can you provide different types of checks for staff in different roles and locations?

Of course; although for Airside passes it may be that General Security Awareness Training is not required for employees in certain roles. We can accommodate any specific requirements you have.

Can you provide individual services or do we have to outsource all checks to Procius?

Most of our clients trust us to perform all of their Airside background checks however; our services can be deployed individually or bundled together to form a fully outsourced screening pack.

Can you provide Airside pass background checks for all UK airports?

Yes, because we have detailed knowledge of the specific regulations at all UK airports and already support many companies with their needs nationwide.