FAQs Background checks

What type of reference checks do you carry out?

We collect references from employers, educational establishments, professional associations, personal / character referees and professional advisors. Our bespoke technology allows us to screen applicants to any standard covering any timeframe.

How do Procius manage the chasing of references, to minimise the time involved?

Our MyCheck platform manages this critical workflow, to ensure all references are chased often enough to expedite the response. At any one time we have around 10,000 reference requests in inboxes and in-trays around the globe.

How can we see the progress and the status of reference requests?

It’s easy. Log into your MyCheck account and find the relevant applicant. The status of each reference is live on the screen, and you can even read our comprehensive tracking notes to see the entire case history!

What level of referencing should we undertake for new hires if we are not regulated to do so?

This is a balance of risk mitigation versus running a smooth recruitment process. The barrier should be set at a sensible height and always proportionate to the role you’re recruiting for. Call us for a no obligation discussion on how to get the balance right for your organisation.