Improved DBS & CRC Process for Public Services

The recent headline in the Daily Mail Newspaper reported, “Hundreds of ambulance workers were employed without checks on their criminal records…North East Ambulance NHS Foundation failed to check 388 workers. 14 workers were suspended after their criminal backgrounds were discovered. But another 17 left without ever being subjected to criminal check…” – Link to full article below.

Headlines like this are not good for an NHS Trust’s reputation or for the confidence of the thousands of people they serve.

Ensuring the hiring of trustworthy employees is a complex task. The regulation for DBS clearance for employees working with children and/or vulnerable adults is clear for new recruits, but can become confusing with regard to current employees and volunteers. Confusion can arise from not knowing which employees require to be periodically checked, or if a check is required for a transfer within an organisation.

The recent article on the North East Ambulance NHS Foundation follows their ‘DBS/CRB Employment Checks – Position Statement’, which was produced at the beginning of 2014. The issues highlighted in the statement include:

4. Problems identified recently
4.1 Deficiencies in assurances regarding employee checks undertaken on appointment and the 3-year rolling programme were identified as a result of an assessment of HR capacity as part of a wider service review.

 Issue 1: No record of DBS check undertaken on appointment
4.3 It was identified from a report drawn from the Electronic Staff Record system (ESR) that 388 employees were assigned to roles that required a DBS check but no record of a check being undertaken was recorded on the system, primarily in PTS and Emergency Care service lines.

Issue 2: 3-Year Rolling Programme
4.7 It was identified that the 3-year rolling programme of checks for current employees had not been effectively implemented, nor the process embedded, and was substantially behind schedule.” – Link to full report below

These types of issues are not exclusive to North East Ambulance Service and can be easily resolved. At Procius we successfully work with Healthcare and Local Authorities streamlining their background checking process. Our proven service ensures compliance and reduces the risk of unsuitable employees slipping through the net. Our service allows our clients peace of mind to focus on their core business needs.


  • DBS/Basic Disclosures (eBulk)
  • Overseas criminal record checks
  • Referencing (including gap periods)
  • Education
  • Qualification/professional membership checks

In addition we offer a ‘Managed DBS update service’, keeping your records up to date and safeguarding patients, staff and the public.


  • Complete transparency with 24/7 online access and live status updates
  • Immediate alerts of abnormal results to safeguard against bad hires
  • Integration with your HR platform removing manual inputting of results (where possible)
  • Instant audit trail and tracking notes of all screening activity
  • Integrated to key bureaus (Disclosure Scotland, DBS, Equifax and more)
  • Easy management of multiple checks on a large scale
  • Segment new employees by position or location
  • Branded interface on applicant’s portal

“Procius have helped achieve a more efficient and streamlined CRB application process for Ealing Council. Ealing Council staff (including schools) have given excellent feedback on how easy the system is to use, and how helpful and supportive the team at Procius are. Ealing Council would have no hesitation in recommending the services to other local authorities/businesses.”

You can run our service alongside your current background checking method, either as a trial to see how we compare or simply as a backup support service.

If you feel you could benefit from our expertise and would like to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing with your background checking process, please talk to us today on 01256 487 887